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From now on, I'll make my artworks look great!~



Warrior! Markplier by KarinSan01
Warrior! Markplier

I have always wanted to upload this for quite some time :) 
Well, actually this is one of the sprites I made for him. I might have been ambitious, but I was thinking of me making a fan game for him starting next summer. (I know that making a game was hard X( That's why I'm imagining) I downloaded RPG game makers and Visual Novels to start to and read their tutorials, but really it will take some time. (I might can't make it that's why I upload this)
Things started getting busy in college and I still have problems with getting along with other people (forgive me pls.) 

Markiplier is one of the people I idolized and really think inspirational. I hope one day I can meet him personally :)

I was making a sprites for Bob and Wade too! (Though I still haven't decide what type of job Bob will have) (Wade's a soldier XD) I'll post them right after I finish XD

This 'sprite' is made by Yours Truly~ (XD hahaha)
You can use it if you'd like anytime ((Just don't say it's yours))  
Paralyzed Paradise by KarinSan01
Paralyzed Paradise
The sun rises
But still my heart's in pieces

The wind blows
But I don't care where it goes

The light passes
But all I witness is a darkness

I can't feel
My heart's in I'll

Coz my heart seems to be paralyzed
I just wanna be in your paradise

Coz my heart seems to be paralyzed
I just wanna be in your paradise

Where I can feel whatever I want
Where I can get whatever I dream
Where I can be with you again

The rain pours
But I can't catch any drop

My tears runnin'
But I am too cold to feel it

The fire burns
But I am blind to see where it turns

Coz my heart seems to be paralyzed
I just wanna be in your paradise

Coz my heart seems to be paralyzed
I just wanna be in your paradise

Where I can feel the touch of your hand

Where I can see the sparks of your smiles

Where we can stay forever again...


A story of one who lost her love and still seeks it

Paralyzed Paradise composed by the lovely Princess Erika Anne Abut. 
Been asked to illustrate her work (it's really an honor!! XD)

It's the first time that I am doing this kind of art, so I'm really satisfied (for now) 
This summer has been bitter-sweet to me, since there are things that I want to do yet I did not 
And there are other things that I did (or should I say cowardly) avoid that I could not clearly state to

I want to apologize to someone who became special existence...I know what I did is wrong, but really don't know why I did that myself.
There is no way you could forgive me for that, but because of last note I took the very courage that I have to type this. Again I'm sorry and thank you for all the things and love that you shared to me. Thank you and I know it's late
Minzy by KarinSan01
2Ne1's Minzy! A fanart for my awesome favorite :iconkyaplz:

I was trying to make a logo out of this pic (didn't turned out well as always)
I really enjoyed making this pic since I'm using a different art style XD 

I no longer watched K-pop shows and vids than I used to :iconsniffplz: A lot of girl and boy groups had been showing up out wherein you don't take a single glance of it. Not that I am a Kpoper but really it's sad in my part :iconbigsighplz:

The art is mine, but if someone want to used it just say so XD (You don't need to credit me, just don't say it's yours)
My Only Light by KarinSan01
My Only Light
Crossover(?) of MGQ and MGE with Luka and the Mothman! 
:iconhorrayplz: Ha!-Ha!-Ha!-Ha! (I'm now in vacation! At last~) :iconhorrayplz:

I really like Kenko Cross' Mothman's design! She's really cute with heart shape-patterns in her wings.  Really cute :iconkawaiifaceplz:
Though they look like innocent, they somewhat not (well in my opinion; since I somehow look at them as "beautiful ladies with hidden agenda". Not that they really are, it's just that the design makes me think of it so. Second personality makes spice to ones character XD ) It's all about reproduction when it comes to men and not for food source as they prefer sap and flower nectar and fruit juices. And for some reason, I think it's cool I guess 

Moth monsters with soft fur covering their bodies and large wings with peculiar patterns. They prefer to dwell in dark places, but have a tendency to be attracted to lights. They have a special sensory organ that detects a human man’s spirit energy
 as light, and they fly around wandering in pursuit of human men, drawn by the radiance of spirit energy. (monstergirlencyclopedia.wikia.…)


 I had been wondering...wouldn't be nice if all the MGE's monsters would come and "meet" Luka and the others in a Parody-Variety Show? I think there would be a lot of comedy XD 
It's just a fleeting thought, so don't mind it 

This fanart is for everyone ^_^ Just don't say you own it (cause I'm gonna cry X( )

Mothman (the pink girl) is Kenko Cross' MGE
and Luka's from the MGQ
Jollibee (Girl) XD by KarinSan01
Jollibee (Girl) XD
A rare type of Bee (Nah, just a girl in a costume XD) 

I just want to try a gijinka (genderbent) version of Jollibee!!~ Yey!~ I kinda make her look like a monster girl since I recently have fond about it ^_^

Jollibee is a Filipino fastfood and has a Bee mascot (love him!)

You can use this art anytime you like  (just don't say it's yours) You don't need to credit me ^^
Monster Girls Encyclopedia: Baphomet by KarinSan01
Monster Girls Encyclopedia: Baphomet
"You will be one of us, right?"

From KenkoCross' MGE"s Baphomet-chan!(one of the baphomets actually)~~ :icondeyedplz:

As usual there's no decent background (because I couldn't do it better) so I use gradient instead (I hope it doesn't look so bad to you guys)
I forgot to draw the carvings that is placed on Baphomet-chan's tie (?) :iconimdarkplz:
According to the Encyclopedia, Baphomets are beast-type monsters who has the outer appearance of a girl (they always had) and possesses the most physical and magical power of a monster. They are the races who serve as the leaders of the pegan cult "Sabbath".

It is also believed that the demon lord's supreme leader of the her army is also a baphomet so yeah, they're really a big-shot race and pretty sure they regard as one of the powerful races considering their race's background. :iconderpfaceplz: :iconhahaplz:

I have been thinking that it'll be great if MGE would become a manga (if not possible to become anime) or sequels about each monster girls stories (on the second though, that'll be pretty long, no?) or a specific hero would rise and go on a journey to balance the good and bad for the coexistence of humans and monsters (perhaps also Gods) considering I don't like the idea of the demon lords' coexistence O_o; no matter how you look of it, it's like wiping out humanity.

Anyway that'll be awsome! And I want the personality of the hero to be "stupid but knowledgeable sometimes" so that he could be comedic but serious at times and "not pervert and completely dense of one girl's affection towards him" since he knows pretty well what in the world he is in.

I don't know if there is a man like that (I'm pretty sure there is). HEHE! This is what I've been thinking in my mind so let it be~~ XD

I've been doing this art during my school break, so I'm completely satisfied.
This Baphomet came from Kenko Cross' MGE
This artwork is mine but use it if you'd like (just don't say it's yours!~) You don't need to credit me
Monster Girl: Alraune by KarinSan01
Monster Girl: Alraune
This is one is my variation of Alraune in Monster Girl World! :iconsparklesplz: :iconoverlyjoyedplz: :iconsparklesplz:

I'm really happy when I finally finish this!!~ The background isn't mine though (It is somewhere in Google but I will post the site of the image) :iconohdearplz:<img src="…" style="border: none !important; display: inline-block !important; text-indent: 0px !important; float: none !important; font-weight: bold !important; height: 10px !important; margin: 0px 0px 0px 3px !important; min-height: 0px !important; min-width: 0px !important; padding: 0px !important; text-transform: uppercase !important; text-decoration: underline !important; vertical-align: super !important; width: 10px !important; background: transparent !important;">.com/product-gs/beautiful-forest-landscape-canvas-arts-647154727.html

As you know Alraunes are plant type monsters who usually being seen in forested regions. They usually wrapped in a large (and big~) flowers with aphrodisiac nectars to soak with. 

Since she's a monster in the Monster Girl World, you know the thing that she's  after :iconiseethatthereplz:

I had a hard time in making backgrounds that's why I search in Google to make it easy (or so I thought) 
It's really hard for me to make adjustments from here and there... I wish I can make my own background

This art is mine but I'm gladly like you to use it (if you want to) ((just don't say it's yours)) You don't need to credit me~ 
#monstergirlencyclopedia #alraune #kenkoucrossisamazing!
Monster Girl Quest: Al and Luka (Genderbent) by KarinSan01
Monster Girl Quest: Al and Luka (Genderbent)
I made a gender bent version of the fake hero Luka and the 16th Monster Lord Alice :iconhumbleplz: Though I just realize....I don't know how to create a background :icongulpplz:

I really want to create a "night-forest" atmosphere around and it turned out that they couldn't complimented... so I just let this plain grey background do my bid :iconbigsighplz:

Anyways, I like this H-game ((Yes, I played this H-game even though I'm a girl)) the story is really exciting and funny at the same time. It would be awesome if this become an anime! (Of course they will remove the H-scenes and make barriers in replace) But it's still good either way.

This game starts to Hero apprentice Luka who is the main protagonist of the game. The unblessed hero sets on the journey to defeat the monster lord who happens to be his travelling companion!…

Though the background cg's aren't quite better than expected, I do recommended this game for those who like monster-girl genre and especially I would like you to visit Kenko-Cross's Monster Girls Encyclopedia; his monster girls' biological backgrounds and art are amazing!:

It's the wikia for his encyclopedia for I dunno where his main site is :iconimsorryplz:
Kenko-Cross is the artist who design Alice! (He has an amazing hand really!) 


These two characters, Luka and Alice, are from Monster Girl Quest (Alice is a girl XD)
The art is mine but do so use it if you want! :iconthumbsupplz: (just don't say it's yours)


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Artist | Hobbyist | Other

I'm FAT but I prefer CHUBBY!~~

:iconpervmonkeyplz: :iconpervmonkeyplz: :iconpervmonkeyplz: :iconpervmonkeyplz: :iconpervmonkeyplz: :iconpervmonkeyplz:

First of all, I really don't know what should I describe about myself other than a girl who likes animes and (some) games

I don't even have anything particular traits that I can boast about but I do want to make friends to fellow humans (?) who share the same interests


:iconchuplz: I hope I could get along with people oneday

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